The Gender of the Beholder

Do men and women like different cars? There are some cars that my guys (husband and two sons) and I agree on but very often I like cars that they think are ugly. I now find a similar difference of opinion between myself and Monkeyman. I was reading his post about a Daimler-Chrysler concept car, which includes a picture, and thinking what a cool-looking little car it is, and silently lamenting the fact that it will probably never be mass produced in that exact form because concept cars almost never are, but then I get to the end of the post.

My guys will hate it too. I know they will because they always hate curvy, spacey car designs, which seems really odd to me. I thought a lot of you guys were into both curves and spaceships. So anyway, is this a gender thing? A survey: Do you like the car pictured in Monkeyman's post; what is your favorite car (based on looks alone) and, if it's not obvious from your name, are you male or female?

Bach Discovery

I suppose I should be making a big deal out of the recent discovery of an unknown Bach aria, but there is so much Bach that I haven't heard, this is just one more of many. Discoveries like this are a little bit exciting though. It always gets me to thinking about what other hidden treasures are out there waiting to be disovered. One thing you've gotta love about the old Europeans, they apparently never threw anything away so anything that survived the wars is still sitting in someone's basement or attic. (Actually, that's not literally true. According to legend, Bach threw a lot of his work away and even gave some of his manuscripts to his wife to wrap fish in.)