White Trash Wednesdays

Since the truckstop closed (they never did change over their tanks and the EPA shut them down), I been sort of taking it easy working. but as long as the old lady had her job down at the club, it aint' been too bad.

But with gas prices going up and her boobs starting to point down, money's been a little tight. So I got me a job.

I asked folks about jobs, but weren't nobody hiring except the Army. And they wouldnt' take me because of this thing that happened back in college. I probly shoudnt have told them about it, but heck, it was good money and the goat weren't hurt none. Still, they wouldnt' let me sign up.

So, my cousin Basil got me a job working with the Brunswick branch of that company he works for. Even though he wears a tie to work every day, folks there don't ahve to. And soem places in that company lets folks wear blue jeans. so, I got on out there.

Even though they are okay with wearing regular clothes and such, they are sticklers about some stuff. They didn't like the way I talk about stuff. They said my livejasmin language was a little rough. My thinking was "Hay Hey, this is work, it aint' sunday morning church". But they got there funny ways of thinking about things.

Anyway, the lady I work for (who's pretty hot, to tell you the truth) had what she called a "counselling session" with me yesterday. Iit was about the way I talks.

If you work for some fancy-schmancy place that don't like you to talk like normal, you might want to try these suggestions. I'll you you know how they go for me. And if I'm lucky … well, I told you the lady supervisor was hot. And I think she likes me.

The Monsters On Maple Street

This isn't actually related to the classic Twilight Zone episode "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street." Rather, it's about real monsters that might very well live on your own Maple Street.

I've read other blogs, like Lost in Lima Ohio and Interested-Participant among others, that cover criminals, including child molesters.

Those sites serve a purpose by bringing attention to the criminals and monsters that live in someone's neighborhood. And, while the reports can be unpleasant, it's important to know about them.

But when the monster shows up nearby, you're not prepared for it. At least I wasn't.

First, let me make it clear that I don't know any of the people involved. It's just that a story about a teacher molesting students is something that you don't think happens in your area. But in Columbus this week, police arrested 61-year-old Richard Ogleby Smith. He's a former teacher and public defender.

The charges involve actions that police say occurred last July involving the Columbus Boys Choir on a camping trip.

Now, a local TV station, WTVM, is reporting that Smith may have been molesting boys for 40 years.

40 years!

If the charges are true, that means for 40 years a monster has been running loose on Maple Street. Okay, Coventry Drive in Columbus, but you get the idea.

Child molestation is a shocking crime. 40 years of child molestation is beyond shocking. How that could go on is unfathomable to me. It may be that the accusations are false. But I understand the local media are contacting many former Boys Choir members. And I know some former Boys Choir members.

None have indicated anything went on, but I haven't asked.

But, I have grandchildren. And now I've got to talk with their parents and make sure they know they can come to us if something were to ever happen.

The biggest problem kids need to face is what to ask for Christmas, and not wondering if they are safe around a teacher.

Notes and Open TrackBacks

Having Internet access problems is really, really irritating. I hope things will get fixed today. After spending lots of time with BellSouth troubleshooting, it's looking like it might be my router, which was existing live sex chat equipment. So I can't blame my ISP.


Not fun. I'm now spoiled by broadband. Having dial-up for a back-up is of course okay. But with limited hours on dial-up, I'm not surfing, just checking for emergency e-mails and such, and then going offline.


Lost. Four errors will do that to you. I even had pictures, but the connectivity issues mean they'll have to be for later.


First impressions: TiVo rules … almost! Of course, having to use dial-up with it (see Connectivity Issues above) means it takes a while for it to get its updates. And they don't understand that this county operates on Eastern Time.

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Open TrackBacks

Limited connectivity means I'm not able to surf the blogrolls like I want. So it's Open TrackBacks Friday.

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I feel like A. Monk

Now if any of my sisters … or the Wife … or the children … read that, they'd laugh. Because they know just how much I am not like Adrian Monk.

Oh, I got my quirks, but I'm not always going around asking for wipes. Nor am I afraid of milk. So, no, I'm not like Adrian Monk.

But I think I might be coming down with whatever he's got.

And you might, too, after reading this.

I don't use public restrooms a lot. But it's inevitable that I use them from time to time.

Whether it's at work, at a ballgame, on a trip … there comes a time that I must use the restroom. And something happened the other day that gave me pause.

I was … somewhere … and I had just brushed my teeth after a meal. I heard someone … finishing up … at a urinal. As I completed my routine, I noticed the person leaving the urninal and headed … to the door.

Without washing.

Of course, that happens all the time. So, it wasn't that unusual. What are you gonna do.

So, after I put away my stuff, I went to the door and reached for the handle.

The same handle that Mr. Urinates-But-Doesn't-Wash-His-Hands-Afterwards had used. With those hands.

The hands that had just been used to aim Mr. Willy at the deodorant cake in the urinal.

And here I was, inches away from grabbing the door handle. The urine-stained, Mr. Willy-stained door handle.

I turned around and went to the paper towel dispenser, grabbed a paper towel, and used it to open the door.

Just like Mr. Monk would do.

Now, I keep a paper towel in my pocket, just in case I end up at a restroom that uses those horrible air dryers. Regardless, I use a paper towel to open the door handle to the men's Jasmin live room.

Anyway, I don't really think I'm turning in to Adrian Monk. But he's got the right idea about some things.

Oh, by the way. Anyone know where I can buy some Sierra Springs water? Or some Lever 2000 wipes?

I made it! Thanks

This little blog started in December 2004. Just because I wanted to see if having a blog was as much fun as reading blogs.

The first blog I visited with any regularity was Little Green Footballs. It was fun to read. And sometimes painful to read. I got to see lots of idiots on all sides of the political spectrum, but overall, the leanings of Charles Johnson and many of his readers were in line with mine.

But then I discovered humor blogs. Specifically, IMAO. And from there, I discovered Right Wing Duck. And those two blogs inspired me to start this little blog. So blame them.

But since starting this little blog, I've discovered many, many others that have become favorites. Including the blogger who has become my mentor (whether he likes it or not): Harvey from Bad Example.

I never really thought about what I liked about Bad Example … or Harvey. I just knew I liked what I liked.

But this week, Harvey listed some things that he thinks might explain things:

And I like to think that I am nearly succeeding in meeting those objectives. I don't always succeed. But I try.

Now, I'm actually Frank J.'s and RightWingDuck's bastard child. Or this blog is the bastard child blog of Frank J.'s blog and RightWingDuck's blog. And that's not bad.

But I've always been happy to have been accepted by Harvey as a blogger that he can occasionally call on. Although we're not a member of the Bad Example Family, in spirit, I feel that we've been inspired by Bad Example and the Bad Example Family. And we've been accepted as a Bad Example Window Peeper. Sort of like a nosy neighbor.

So, is being Harvey's Gladys Kravitz (although I am actually more like Abner) a bad thing? No, it's not a bad thing at all. It's a good thing.

But Harvey's gone and realized that there are a bunch of blogs that aren't technically part of the Bad Example Family, but are in spirit. And I'd like to think this little blog meets that criteria.

Anyway, he's officially acknowledging an extended family. He calls it the Bad Example Clan. As he put it:

So, I'd like to think that we are part of the Bad Example Clan.

To that end, I'm applying for membership in the Bad Example Clan. And this post is the first hoop to jump through.

The second hoop? It's this:

So, if you're a member of the Bad Example Family, and can vouch for my character, I'm asking you to lie for me vouch for my character. If three do that, I'll be able to jump the next hoop.

And I need the exercise.

UPDATE: First Bad Example Family Member to lie vouch for us: Sissy of And What Next

UDPATE: VW Bug of One Happy Dog Speaks also vouched for us, followed quickly by Contagion of Miasmatic Review. Thanks!